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Renting a car in Namibia with Okavango Car Hire

Thank you for choosing Okavango car hire! We have some important general information that you should be aware of:

 Rental information

  • All authorized drivers and renters must be in possession of a valid unendorsed drivers' license and passport/ID, and be a minimum of 23 years of age.
  • Any complaints regarding the services rendered by Okavango Car Hire must be lodged with Okavango Car Hire before the client leaves the country. Complaints received after the client's departure from the country will be treated as irrelevant and unfair.
  • Vehicles Rented from Okavango Car Hire may only be driven on National Designated Roads. Failure to comply will result in voiding/ cancellation on any/all insurance cover.
  • We reserve the right of substituting vehicles should the booked vehicle not be available.
  • Okavango Car Hire is not liable for death, injuries, personal damage and/or loss.
  • All rentals are made subject to the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement.
  • Tyre pressure and surfaces must be checked at regular intervals and be inflated according to the prescription on the Vehicle Statistics sheet. Any tyre loss, repairs or damage during the rental period, will be for the renters' account. Be aware that over or under inflation results in extreme damage or loss of tyres. Okavango Car Hire does not accept tubes, patches or second hand tyres in the event of damage or loss. Only the same type and brand will be deemed as an acceptable replacement of damaged or lost tyres.
  • Loss or damage to glass on the vehicle is not covered by insurance and clients carry full responsibility for repairs or replacement. The renter must refrain from driving in a sandstorm as the increased speed by moving the vehicle enhance damage caused to the glass by airborne sand particles.
  • The client will be responsible for water and oil during the rental period.
  • The cleaning of vehicles will be performed by Okavango Car Hire. Inspection for damage can only be done after the cleaning process and therefore the Excess will only be void once the vehicle has been cleaned.
  • Pick ups' or Drop off's of vehicles outside normal office hours, must be arranged for at time of confirmation of the rental period. Transfers from and to Windhoek International Airport and Eros Airport must also be arranged before or on date of confirmation of the rental. With any drop off or pick up at any other destination than the Okavango Car Hire offices, or within Windhoek City limits, Windhoek International Airport or Eros Airport, will be at an extra charge. Okavango Car Hire office hours are Mon-Fri: 08H00 to 13H00 and 14H00 to 17H00.
  • Vehicle exchanges due to mechanical failure will only commence once a regional service supplier declare the vehicle not repairable within 9 Hours from time of reporting the breakdown. Cost of damages inflicted to vehicles through negligence by the renter; will be deductible from the renters' excess. Okavango Car Hire has 24 hour to replace a faulty vehicle.
  • All costs resulting from vehicle exchanges due to damage caused by negligence will be deducted from the clients' excess.
  • Extentions on the rental must be arranged for 48 hours before termination of the contract under condition that payment must be arranged for on the day of extension of the rental period.
  • An Accident Report Number must be obtained from the nearest police station within 24 hours from the occurrence of the damage/accident for insurance purposes – in failing to do so, the renter will be held fully responsible for any damages or losses. All details of third parties or eyewitnesses must be recorded and reported to Okavango Car Hire as soon as possible.
  • Second Spare Wheels are included with all 4x4 vehicles.
  • All 4x4 vehicles are fitted with Improved Durable Tyres to meet the requirements of Namibian gravel road conditions.
  • Vehicles enjoy the support of Okavango Car Hire's back-up service facility. In the event of any difficulties during the client's tour, the client has access to an all hours telephone number dealing with any requests for assistance that might arise. The telephone number to be used for this purpose is 081 124 1282 .
  • Our vehicles are allowed outside the borders of Namibia to South Africa , Zimbabwe and Botswana , prior arrangements MUST be made with Okavango Car Hire for we have to supply you with a Letter of Authorization to take the vehicle outside of Namibia . Permits can be obtained at the border. No extra rental charge is applicable. It is the renter's responsibility to return damaged vehicles outside Namibia to within the borders of Namibia .
  • In the case of an accident where the vehicle stated on the contract, or a vehicle substituted for the vehicle stated in the contract is involved, the renter shall be liable for the recovery costs of the vehicle from scene of accent to the office of Okavango Car Hire and also be liable for the full payment of the rental period as initially agreed in this contract.
  • Okavango Car Hire is a member of the Car Association of Namibia (CARAN).