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Terms and conditions with Okavango Car Hire in Namibia

General rental conditions and information

  • Drivers, renters must be in possession of a valid unendorsed driver's license, Passport or ID. The minimum age is 23 years.
  • Minimum rate charge is 24 hours. Rates are calculated from time of pick-up to time of drop-off.
  • Insurance excludes camping, navigational and communication equipment, tyres, headlamp/window breakage, sandblasts and loss of personal property.
  • All vehicles are hired subject to our Standard Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions.
  • The Lessor reserves the right to substitute the booked vehicle with a similar one if it is not available.
  • Extensions of the rental period must be arranged with us no later than 48 Hours prior to the original agreed date of termination.
  • The vehicle carries comprehensive insurance. However, in the event of an insurance claim arising, the lessee will be held liable for an excess amount, payable in advance, as security to the lessor.
  • The excess must be deposited in the form of a credit card voucher or securing the excess deposit by obtaining an authorization only code. Any costs incurred due to loss of or damage to a vehicle or equipment will result in a deduction from the excess deposit applicable to the vehicle or the equipment otherwise the credit card voucher will be returned in full.
  • The lessee is also responsible for the full damage to the vehicle if caused by negligence, road conditions not suitable for the vehicle and areas disallowed by Okavango Car Hire
  • In case of an accident, the lessee will be responsible for tow-in costs and related costs of the vehicle and the recovery of the vehicle.
  • No vehicle may be taken across the Namibian borders without prior approval.
  • Okavango Car Hire is not liable for death, injuries, personal damages and/or loss of whatever nature.
  • We honor Master & Visa cards.
  • Rates and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
  • The rental costs are payable in full on commencement of the rental or on delivery of the vehicle.
  • Only Namibian laws apply.

Annexure to the contract - summary of main insurance terms & conditions

Okavango car hire reserves the right to cancel any/all insurance cover with regards to the rented vehicle or it’s replacement due to any breach of contract and annexure requirements, terms and conditions, at any time during the rental period. Please note that daily rate for insurance cover cannot be claimed back.

1. Items that can not be insured:

    All camping equipment including SAT Phone, GPS, etc. Vehicle undercarriage. (can be damaged by off-road driving) Personal Belongings and Personal Injuries. Water damage of any kind. Any water crossing should first be crossed by foot on both tracks. (Left wheel; Right wheel) The water level may not be higher than knee level, for the vehicle to cross. Driving through water may cause water to enter into some parts of the drive train e.g. Differentials, gearbox, transfer case. If water should be found in either one/all of the above, an oil change will be necessary to avoid serious damage. The cost of which will be for the renter/client’s account. Recovery/Tow-in cost of accident damaged vehicles back to Okavango Car Hire’s office. Please do not engage diff lock. Diff lock is only for extreme off-road conditions, conditions which are not covered by insurance. You will be liable for all damage caused due to engaging the diff lock. Navigation System and Navigation System SD Card (data card). This card must never be removed from Navigation Unit (radio in the car, where applicable). Removing of card will cause damage to the Navigation System. Missing card/replacement of card cost N$2 000-00, which you will be liable for.

2. Speeding and speedlimits where insurance cover can be cancelled

All vehicles are equipped with satellite tracking devices. Readings can be updated every second. Speed limits are as follows:

  • Tarred/asphalt Road: 120km/h
  • City Limits: 60km/h
  • NON-Tarred Road e.g. Gravel/Salt: 80km/h. Please ignore 100km/h signs, you may only drive 80 km/h on any gravel/non-tarred roads. (Good e.g. Road from Swakopmund to Hentiesbay not a tar road but a salt road.)
  • Game Parks/Reserves: e.g. 70km/h

These are the speed limits for the insurance cover to be in place. Driving over the speed limit will be cause for contract breach which will make all insurance cover null and void. In other words the insurance cover on the vehicle will be cancelled

  • Driving off-road in dunes, protected areas, dry riverbeds and beaches.
  • Off-road routes (Roads with no B, C, D numbers) which were not cleared and approved by Okavango Car Hire.
  • MISSUSE OF VEHICLE: e.g. overloading, reckless driving and drivers which are not on the rental contract.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or controlled substances
  • Any act in contravention with Namibian Law

4. Glass and tyre insurance

  • This cover is optional and covers the tyres and windscreen glass only.
  • This covers one repair - and one replacement of a tyre.
  • Replacement of a tyre must be authorized by Okavango Car Hire and will only be authorized in the event of the tyre not being repairable.

5. Theft-Loss waiver

  • This cover is optional and covers the car in the event of it being stolen
  • If chosen, in the event of the vehicle being stolen, the renter will only be liable for the excess amount selected (Keys must be handed back after event for this cover to be valid).
  • If not chosen, the renter will be liable for the Used Replacement Retail Value of the vehicle, according to TransUnion set valuation.

Payments and costs in the event of accident damage - Excess or part thereof will be taken from you - no matter how, when, where and by whom the damage is caused or occurred.

  • Insurance excess will be banked or part thereof. Contract is bound to the rental car, meaning that all payments done or excesses held, cannot be transferred to a different vehicle. Replacement vehicle will have to be paid from new date in full, including insurance excess.
  • All costs involved in recovering the accident damaged vehicle to Okavango Car Hire’s premises, will be for renter’s account.
  • Note: Any repairs above N$300-00 must be authorized by Okavango Car Hire.