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Toyota LC 7 Seater No Camping

Toyota Landcruiser 4.2L Safari - Lodge

The perfect off-road car for groups up to 7 people

The 7-Seater Toyota Landcruiser (GROUP H) is the ideal 4x4 if you want to explore Africa with a group of friends or family. The Landcruiser Safari edition is very comfortable for up to 7 people. With its unparalleled four wheel drive and the extremely strong chassis, the Landcruiser is suitable for all kinds of roads and terrains in Namibia, Botswana and the whole of Southern Africa. There are just no borders for the Landcruiser, it can do everything, except for flying and swimming. 

Price from N$ 2450 / Day



Toyota LC 4x4 Manual


4.2 L


Safari edition

No. Passengers

4-7 Persons


Lodge / Camping


Diesel, 130 L tank

Max. distance

800 km

Extras - GROUP H

This verhicle comes with the following extras:

USB port, CD player, aircon, airbags, alarm, immobiliser, satelite  and a big luggage compartment for camping quipment and luggage for 7 people. 

With this vehicle there is unlimited mileage per day at no extra charge.

Toyota Landcruiser 4.2L Safari Edition (GROUP H) Gallery


See the table below for the daily rate for the Toyota Landcruiser 4.2L Safari Edition (Group H).

Hire period

7-9 Days

10-21 Days

22+ Days

Jan - Jun

N$ 2850

N$ 2650

N$ 2450

Jul - Dec

N$ 3000

N$ 2800

N$ 2600

Excess Rates

See the table below for the daily excess rates for the Toyota Landcruiser 4.2L Safari Edition (Group H). Auth only on Credit Card. Kaution. More info


N$ 75.000

N$ 50.000

N$ 15.000

All year


+ N$ 250/Day

+ N$ 450/Day

Optional insurance possibilities

See the tables below fo extra insurance options. More info

OPTIONAL: Tyre and Windscreen insurance (10 Days + Only)

ALL YEAR: N$ 200 / Day

OPTIONAL: Theft Lost waiver

ALL YEAR: N$ 100 / Day

We use heavy duty tyres on our cars

  • You are less likely to get punctures.
  • Over-sized sidewall cords on our tyres are up to 33% stronger than regular tyres
  • Extended sidewall lugs mean more grip, especially in ruts and soft soil conditions.
  • The sidewall compound is highly resistant to chipping and bruising caused by rocks on the harsh Namibian dirt roads.

bfgoodrich tyres

We offer the following extras (not included in rate):

  • Bedding (1 Sleeping bag & 1 Pillow) N$ 20-00 per day
  • SAT PHONE N$ 80-00 per day
  • GPS N$ 60-00 per day
  • Baby & Booster Seats N$ 20-00 per day
  • Electric Air Pump N$ 20-00 per day

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