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Camping Car Rental in Namibia

Okavango Car hire offers a selection of Namibian rental cars which are suitable for camping with 1-7 persons. Please find our list below!

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Single Cab 4x4 - Camping

4x4 Single Cab

2.4 L - Manual

Our Toyota 4x4 Single Cab (GROUP B) is the ideal safari car for 2 people who want to explore Namibia as self-drivers. The 4x4 Single cab has proofed as one of the best rental cars for Namibia.

Single Cab 2.4 L

Double Cab 2.2 L - Camping

4x4 Double Cab

2.2L - Automatic - Budget

The Mahindra S11 DC 4x4 Karoo (GROUP C) is a brand new all wheel rental car in Namibia. It seats 4-5 people comfortably.

Double Cab 2.2 Budget

Double Cab 2.4 L - Camping

4x4 Double Cab

2.4 L  2.2 L - Automatic

The Toyota Hilux Double Cab 2.4 L or Ford Ranger Double Cab 2.2 LAutomatic (GROUP D) offers enough space for 4-5 people. It is one of the new generation safari vehicles in Namibia.

Double Cab 2.4 L

Toyota 4x4 Safari Edition 2.4L Camping

Nissan Patrol 7-Seater- Safari Edition

3L - Manual

The Nissan Patrol 3L Manual (GROUP E) is a spacious and stable safari vehicle for up to 7 people. Experience Namibia's roads on an extraordinary camping safari with friends or family - an unforgettable experience in a fantastic four-wheel drive rental car.

Nissan 7-Seater

Landcruiser 4.2 L Off-road

4x4 Landcruiser

4.2 L - Off-road

The Toyota Landcruiser (GROUP F) belongs to the strongest and most reliable cars in Africa. It is absolutely practical and convenient for all terrains in Namibia, even for challenging 4x4 trails.


Toyota 4x4 Safari Edition 2.4L

4x4 Hilux Safari

2.4 L - Automatic

Our 4x4 Toyota Hilux Safari vehicle (GROUP G) with our extraordinary cabin is the ultimate safari car for 4-7 persons. If you want to go on tour with your large family or with a couple of friends

Safari Edition

Toyota 4x4 Safari Edition 2.4L Camping

Toyota Landcruiser - Safari Edition

4.2L - Manual

The Toyota Landcruiser 4.2L Manual (GROUP H) Safari-Edition with its great cabin (comfortable for seven travelers) is the perfect off-road vehicle for larger groups who want to enjoy an unforgettable self-drive safari in Southern Africa. 

Safari Edition


We are also offering self-drive tours and accommodation in Windhoek

Self-Drive Safari Packages

Passionate as we are about Namibia we also own a Safari business where we can help you with packaged self drive tours in Namibia.

Self-Drive tours

Self Drive Safaris in Namibia

Accommodation in Windhoek

Our cozy Okavango Guesthouse in Windhoek promises you a comfortable and affordable stay with professional and friendly service.

Okavango Guesthouse

Windhoek Guesthouse